Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Department


Engine 10 is a 2009 Sutphen top mount pumper capable of flowing 1750 gallons of water per minute. This pumper has a 750 gallon water tank, along with 2 20 gallon foam tanks. Engine 10 carries a variety of equipment including 7 SCBAs, ground ladders, water rescue equipment, and various structural firefighting tools. It also carries the equipment for our Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC), which is a designated group of firefighters that are specially trained for rescuing trapped firefighters.

Quint 12 is a 1998 Emergency-One 100ft aerial ladder truck. This quint has a 500 gallon water tank, 30 gallon foam tank and can pump 1260 gallons per minute. Quint 12 has tools required for structural firefighting similar to Engine 11. In addition to this Quint 12 carries the tools for a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT), a RIT team is designated group of firefighters specially trained for rescuing trapped firefighters, they use a thermal imaging camera, portable self contained breathing apparatus, roping and saw for rescues carried on the ladder truck.

A critical piece of CTVFD equipment is Rescue 14. This specialized vehicle is used for technical rescues and differs from our pumper or ladder trucks which are designed primarily to carry firefighters and their gear to extinguish fires and perform light rescues.

The CTVFD Rescue truck is a 2020 Sutphen. It carries a 300 gallon water tank, a 30 gallon foam tank and has a telescopic light tower on top that is used to illuminate emergency scenes. It is designed to transport and provide the specialized equipment necessary to extricate people from various hazardous conditions including auto accidents, water and ice rescues.

Rescue 14 is equipped with an array of battery powered and hydraulic powered vehicle extrication equipment including cutters, often referred to as the “jaws of life,” spreaders, combination tools, and rams. The Rescue can also run high pressure air bags for lifting/stabilizing vehicles and heavy objects, an air chisel for cutting metal, and an impact gun for bolts from its on board air compressor.

This 2003 Ford F-250 super duty pickup is used for transportation of firefighters and equipment to different activities and emergencies. Special Services contains fire extinguishers, extra self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), as well as extra air bottles for SCBA and a portable power generator.

Engine 13 is the department’s brush truck. This is a 1973 Ford Great Eastern truck with a 300 gallon water tank and 30 gallon foam tank capable of pumping up to 300 gallons per minute. Being a 4-wheel drive vehicle this truck can be moved into locations in wooded areas other trucks can not go. Engine 13 carries special hose and tools for brush fires such as rakes, brooms and shovels.

Engine 11 is a 1988 Mack-Pierce Quad pumper capable of pumping 1250 gallons of water per minute. On board this truck has a 600 gallon tank, supply and attack hose, self contained breathing apparatus, thermal imaging equipment, carbon monoxide detection equipment, ladders and other various tools for structural firefighting.

Car 1 is a 2019 Ford F150 which serves as the Chief’s Incident Command Vehicle. Car 1 is equipped with mobile radios, a mobile data terminal, command whiteboard, accountability board, structural plans for various larger buildings, and tools that allow the Incident Commander to track resources and run an incident efficiently and safely.   

Car 2 is a 2009 Ford expedition and is assigned to the deputy chief as an incident command vehicle. The vehicle is outfitted with mobile radios, a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) and other tools and equipment needed by the deputy chief during incident command operations.