Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Department

Meet the Newest Members of the Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Department


Chief Matthew Lemons and the members of the department are pleased to welcome the two newest members of the Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Department’s (CTVFD). Firefighters Richard Gentles and Patrick Seitz-Sitek successfully completed all of the State and Department training requirements and are now serving the Chatham Township community.

People from all walks of life become volunteers. Some choose to become a volunteer to learn new skills, or are driven by an interest in public safety, others to fulfill a family tradition or be part of a team. Richard and Pat are no different.

Richard Gentles served as a volunteer with the North Plainfield Fire Department before joining CTVFD. His father was a volunteer fireman and his mother was in the ladies auxiliary, so growing up the Fire Department was a big part of their lives. “It’s been one of my goals in life and I really enjoy the work and serving with the other members of the department,” explained Gentles.

Patrick (Pat) Seitz-Sitek has lived in Chatham his entire life and is graduating from Chatham High School this year. He will be attending the University of Denver this fall. Pat became a volunteer because he thought firefighting seemed interesting and that it was a good way to help people. Pat said, “it is a fantastic experience working in the department, building amazing friendships and gaining valuable mentors.”

The Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for driven and dedicated men and women to become part of their family. All training and equipment is provided. Please consider making a difference in your community. If you would like more information about joining, please email

Firefighters Richard Gentles and Pat Seitz-Sitek
Firefighters Richard Gentles and Pat Seitz-Sitek